Educational Philosophy
Anawakalmekak is dedicated to student academic excellence, Native wisdom, and appreciation of the cultural and intellectual heritage of Indigenous Peoples and the promotion of positive social awareness.
In 2016, all of our campuses merged into our current autonomous school design, Anawakalmekak. The privilege of being a temachtiani in Anawakalmekak is an uncommon calling. Vision, passion and commitment are requirements. The honor of being a xinaxtli in Anawakalmekak is also uncommon. Dedication, cultivation and dreaming are basic expectations. Here, in this place, whosoever enters seeking a place of ease, begins ones exit upon arrival.
Whosoever places the seeds of our people before themselves and their own needs merits honor and respect. "Only here a while," said the young grandfather. How will we have lived our lives? To love, thrive, learn, give, dream, play, dance, walk, and travel on the morning path towards the sunrise of a new sun tracing the steps of the ants that came before us. That is how we become rooted, united and organized like the fingers of our hand.
Anawakalmekak is more than just a school. Since its inception, it has worked tirelessly on the regeneration of indigenous culture, methods, and connection to the land.