Our Mission
Anawakalmekak is dedicated to student academic excellence, Native wisdom, and appreciation of the cultural and intellectual heritage of Indigenous Peoples and the promotion of positive social awareness. 
Anawakalmekak consciously strives to provide students effective and comprehensive pedagogy through a globally inclusive curriculum within a positive, supportive, learning environment that involves students, teachers, parents, and staff. 
How We are Different
Through indigenous pedagogy, Anawakalmekak offers students a comprehensive education that combines academic excellence, Native wisdom, and Indigenous heritage and history.
By preparing and inspiring our students, we equip them with the tools to enact positive transformations in their community while also honoring the rich legacy of the past.
Our History
22 years ago, 139 children ages 5 years to 8 assembled on a chilly fall morning in the empty courts of El Sereno Park. Parents, teachers and children all nervously anticipated the start of the first day of the first public charter elementary school in East Los Angeles. With no building to hold classes in, Academia Semillas del Pueblo began in an abandoned recreation room of a city park, carting classroom supplies out to the yard daily. Children first enrolled in kinder 2002 graduated from high school in 2016. We are honored to have been entrusted with their lives and livelihoods for over a decade and now celebrate the commencement of their paths as adult members of our communities
and sovereign nations.      

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